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Welcome to Kybren Home & Leisure Units!

Flexible designs, quality craftsmanship, first class materials and fittings are the hallmarks of a Kybren Transportable Home. Our innovative designs and distinctive styles come from a broad-based experience after many years in the accommodation and building industry.

Kybren Home and Leisure Units offer an extensive range of designs and finishes that are available in 1 to 4 bedroom homes. Design flexibility of the Kybren Home allows us to custom-build to meet your own personal requirements.
All our buildings are backed by a 3 month maintenance and a 6 year structural warranty for residential homes.

Kybren Homes are built to stringent specifications and are quality inspected at each step of construction making the Kybren Home a sound investment and a guarantee of quality for a better price.

All of our homes are built on a fully engineered gal steel sub floor which combined with our unique transport system and specially designed trucks allow the Kybren Home to be transported over long distances more economically. This unique system gives the ability for the Kybren Home to be easily relocated many times over if required.


Be sure to have a look at our News and Specials page for any new products or deals we may be running!