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Our Cabin/Granny Flat Range

Start from $50,500!

Carpets and Tiles are now a STANDARD INCLUSION in our cabins!
We take the hassle out of your new build by including all of
your floor coverings.

Once we deliver your cabin, all you need to organise is your external connections, and call the removalist! You're ready to go!

Contact us now for a full price guide!

The Braidwood 

One Bedroom

10.9mt x 3.6mt
39.24sq mt

The Camden

One Bedroom

11.5mt x 3.0mt
34.50 sq mt


The Coomealla

Two Bedroom

9.0mt x 4.0mt
36 sq mt


The Cupania

Two Bedroom

9.7mt x 4.5mt
43.65 sq mt


Everton 2

One Bedroom

7.9mt x 3.65mt
28.83 sq mt

Everton 2 

The Everton 3

One Bedroom

7.9mt x 4.2mt
33.18 sq mt

Everton 3

The Glendale

Two Bedroom

10.0mt x 4.0mt
40.0 sq mt



The Haven

Two Bedroom

10.8mt x 4.54mt
39.95 sq mt


The Hideaway

One Bedroom/Bedsit

7.6mt x 3.6mt
27.36 sq mt




The Norfolk

Three Bedroom

9.88mt x 4.5mt
44.46 sq mt


The Ridgewood

Two Bedroom

8.5mt x 4.2mt
35.70 sq mt


The Upway

Two Bedroom

7.9mt x 3.65mt
28.83 sq mt



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